Les Amis Réunis No.31
Under the Auspices of

As members of Les Amis Réunis No. 31 we are strongly committed to absolutely following Masonic traditions and land marks which are given to us in the 12 Points.

To adhere to them not only as a guide but a warm blanket which keeps us safe and loyal to right, fairness and truth in our conduct with all.

Individual progress to Freemasonry is varied. Some of us come from traditional Masonic Lodges, others from family ties, but all of those who embrace Freemasonry believe in the betterment of mankind and the enduring benevolent spirit of humanity.

Past GMM Marcel Laurent of GLCS will become the representative of ECOSOC at the United Nations

New GMM Christine Sauvagnac

The members of Les Amis Reunis wish to extend our most sincere congratulations to the new Grand Master of GLCS.

We hope your tenancy will be successful and fruitful in its quest to the betterment of humanity.

We of Les Amis Reunis offer our welcome and support in all your endeavours.

Uze Uze Uze

T.R.B. H. Wierniewski

G.M Marcel Laurent

We want to thank GMM Marcel-Laurent and Very Respectable Brother Henryk Wierniewski of GLCS for supporting our endeavor in creating Les Amis Reunis under their auspicious. For inviting us to join them in working for the Royal Art and following them on the Masonic footpath.